What We Do


Today’s domestic electrical installation has come a long way from just basic lighting and sockets. With the evolution of the internet, broadband and wireless connectivity there are now so many options on how you might want to control your heating and lighting, whether from inside your home or remotely via a smart phone or tablet and how you may want to view TV or listen to music via streaming over broadband.

We pride ourselves in keeping pace with this technology and our qualified electricians are able to offer solutions and installations for the smart home as well as all your requirements for lighting and power.

Experienced in all aspects of domestic installations, our electricians typically carry out work for:

  • New builds
  • Rewiring   Distribution board replacement and upgrades
  • Extra sockets, television and telephone points
  • Garden power and lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Door access systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Fire Alarm systems and mains smoke detectors
  • CCTV installation
  • Intruder alarms
  • Data and telephone installation
  • Electrical Inspection & Testing

These are just a few of the domestic electrical services that we can provide for your home. If your requirement is not listed, please call us as we may be able to help.


We are always aware that your shop, office etc needs to carry on operating so we can always try to find an way to carry out installation and maintenance work where required to limit any inconvenience to the client. Our services here include lighting, power, data and telecoms work & we can also offer design services for energy efficient lighting and control systems which have made substantial electricity savings to our existing clients who have chosen to upgrade.

We are able to offer a customised service for all commercial clients with minimal disruption to daily operations. These can include:

  • Full rewiring, refurbishment or upgrade of existing electrics
  • Socket and lighting installations
  • LED Lighting systems for office environments
  • Design and installation of all data cabling
  • Design and installation of all BT cabling
  • Ventilation systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Security lighting
  • Security and burglar alarms wiring
  • Door entry systems
  • Fire Alarm systems and mains smoke detectors
  • Display lighting
  • Energy efficient lighting design and installation

As well as installing new or upgrading existing installations, we can also do any electric  inspections, testing and certification you may require.

Above are just a few of the services that we can provide. If your particular requirement is not listed, please call us as we may be able to help.

Heating Systems

More than ever, people are turning to electric central heating because of technological and design advancements that have taken place over the last few years. Why?

  • Electrical heating systems are easy to install, keeping costs down. Complicated pipework is not required, all we must do is connect each heater to the electrical circuit in your property.
  • As electric heaters can act as stand-alone units or form part of a system, additions or upgrades are easy to install, making it a flexible heating system.
  • Central heating systems are more aesthetically appealing and energy efficient.
  • Technology allows you to split your home into heating zones and control heat in each of these rooms or zones individually.
  • At the point of use electric heating is 100% efficient as all of the electricity is converted into heat, making it lest wasteful than gas boilers, for example.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

MVHR provides fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building. It is the solution to the ventilation needs of energy efficient buildings. MVHR works quite simply by extracting the air from the polluted sources (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, toilets, and utility rooms) and supplying air to the ‘living’ rooms (e.g. bedrooms, living rooms etc.) The extracted air is taken through a central heat exchanger and the heat recovered into the supply air. This works both ways, if the air temperature inside the building is colder than the outside air temperature then the cool air is maintained in the building.

Data Cabling

Modern business technology demands high-speed internet access and efficient computer networks linked to phone and VoIP systems. Not only must your cabling embrace today’s technology, it must also be panned for growth to meet your future needs.

Having a structured data cabling system installed in your building is essential for high-speed communications. Many buildings already have data cabling installed, but sadly some of these simply do not meet the needs of today's business. If you are thinking about a new data cabling installation, or undertaking a review of your existing system, Iain Meikle electrical can help you.

James & Victoria Fraser
"Our strategy for the renovation of our almost derelict 1780s house was to conserve as much as possible of the original fabric, and the look and feel of a classical building, but at the same time to make use of the latest technologies to make it a comfortable and energy efficient home. For the electrical work we wanted lighting that was unobtrusive but highlighted the key features of the house such as the panelling and fireplaces, and the paintings on the walls. The lights are all LED and importantly have very high CRI bulbs - which makes the colours pop rather than everything looking a dull grey. The downlights are low profile, recessed into the ceilings, and tilted to focus on the key parts of each room rather than clustered in the middle. In some rooms we used traditional lanterns in keeping with a 260 year old building, but in other parts we decided to use ultra-modern wall lights, LED tape, chandeliers and pendants which creates an attractive contrast between the new and the old. Finally we used task lighting so that whether you are cooking a meal in the kitchen or reading a newspaper on the sofa, you can clearly see what you are doing.”